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Re-usable Ice Cubes

Re-usable Ice Cubes

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This set of reusable ice cubes is the perfect companion for our speaker lamps and drinks holders: Synergy 35, Synergy 50, Synergy 65, Sphere, and Atmos. With these reusable ice cubes, you can transform your speaker lamp into a drinks cooler.

Simply freeze the ice cubes, place them in the drinks holder compartment of your speaker lamp along with some water, and voilà! Your favorite drinks will stay cold for hours.

Tip: For the Synergy 65, we recommend using 2 sets of reusable ice cubes due to the larger size of its container. Enjoy!


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Free Gift!

  • You will receive a FREE set of reusable ice cubes when purchasing any Synergy, Atmos or Sphere model
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Keep your drinks cold in any situation

You can use the reusable ice cubes whenever you need them, as they are always ready to use. Simply store them in the freezer and they will be available for your spontaneous party, to cool a glass of water on a hot summer day, or even to chill your wine for a cozy dinner with friends and family .

Choose your Kooduu with wine cooler

The set of reusable ice cubes for: Synergy 35, Synergy 50, Synergy 65, Sphere and Atmos.

Just place the frozen cubes in the drinks holder with some water and Your favorite drinks will stay cold for hours.

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