• Learn more about Saunum effect

  • Patented air-mixing solution

  • Created in collaboration by Saunum & Tallinn University of Technology

  • 2nd Award on the ''Interbad Innovation'' 2022 /Germany/

  • Manufactured in Europe

So, where is the innovation?

Typical problems of regular saunas - uneven heating of the sauna, where the temperature ranges from 30-40C above the floor to 90-120C under the ceiling, which causes:

  • skin-burning steam effect and intense heat
  • feeling of lack of oxygen at head level
  • headache and fatigue
  • cold feet in the sauna - surprising, but for many it is so

Saunums heaters with air blending system mix layers of upper and lower air, equalizing temperature and humidity throughout the sauna:

  • A healthy environment is created, equally comfortable for the whole family or company
  • Breathe easier due to the even distribution of oxygen throughout the sauna
  • The best healing effect - uniform opening of pores throughout the skin enhances healthy perspiration, metabolism is accelerated

Himalayan salt ions - salt sauna climate:

  • Salt ions have a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tract, and also penetrate deeply into the lower respiratory tract into the alveoli of the lungs - this is the famous healing effect of salt caves
  • Salt ions also purify the air, reduce physical discomfort, have a beneficial effect on the skin and promote good sound sleep

/The SAUNUM method of saturating the sauna air with salt ions has been granted a patent/

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Our models range from climate control units for existing saunas to smart heaters with built-in air-mixing system.

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  • Come and even in clothes in a couple of minutes you will feel the huge difference between the Saunum system and a regular sauna.

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