Stoves with integrated air-blending system

Air-blending system, combined with an electric oven, suitable for saunas 2 - 28m³.

You can choose the best model for your needs:

  • Experience 3.6 - 6kW
  • Experience 9 - 12kW
  • PRO Experience 9 - 15kW
  • SPA Session 6.5 - 9.5kW
  • Luxury 13.2 - 19.8kW

Separate air-blending devices - Base/Base S

Climate control systems available in two versions -

  • Saunum Base - wall-mounted devices for an easy upgrade of your existing sauna. It has decorative glass panel and can be mounted on the wall;
  • Saunum Base S - wall-integrated device can be hidden behind the wall covering recommended for new saunas or existing saunas during renovation.

Control panels for smart Saunum devices

The intelligent sauna control panel collects statistics from temperature sensors and automatically improves scenarios of heating the oven and controlling the microclimate,

  • Saunum LEIL Wifi/Mobile - intelligent control panel - suits to regular or Saunum heaters

  • Touch 3-way switcher for climate control

[there is an option to place it inside sauna]