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Kirami Tiny Dippy

Kirami Tiny Dippy

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€ 2 450,00
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The warranty period is two (2) years.


Order fulfillment - 1 - 3 weeks.

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Just tub for cold dipping.

The Tiny Dippy is exactly the same as the heated version, but without the heater, making it a so-called dipping tub - ideal option for refreshing between sauna sessions or on a hot summer day. This is an excellent choice for those who love winter swimming.

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  • Tub parameters:

    • Capacity (persons): 1-2
    • Fillage Volume: 500L
    • Water capacity: 615L
    • Outer diameter: 170cm
    • Height: 98cm
    • Depth: 83cm
  • Set dimensions:

    • Product length: 170mm
    • Product width: 81.5mm
    • Product height: 98mm
    • Weight: 53.5kg
  • Packing sizes:

    • Packing length: 171cm
    • Packing width: 80cm
    • Packing height: 113cm


    Thermo cover 70mm for Tiny models

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