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Atlas Life Deluxe

Atlas Life Deluxe

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Acrylic color
Cabinet color

Save up to 70 - 75% of heating energy with

* Tested with: water 39°C, air 17°C, filtering 1x2 hour and with the Smart-In step system which includes a built-in heat pump (without the built-in heat pump: 3.7 kWh/day).

Places: 1 reclining place / 5 sitting places
Dimensions: 215 x 215 x 86.5

The Atlas Life hot tub has 5 seats and 1 recliner place and provids a memorable bathing experience. Its 4 infinity jets are enhanced by the WOW System's electronic water and diverting pulsar function, for maximum massage.

10 years warranty on the shell structure

3 years warranty on the engineering parts

Full support from 4SPA: showroom in Riga, delivery, installation and launch of your fun


Order fulfillment:

  • from stock: 2 - 14 business days;
  • if not in stock: 1 - 3 months.

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  • Comfort and Functionality


    1 reclining place / 5 sitting places


    3 pcs

    Control box
    Gecko IN.YE-3

    Control panel


    Total number of jets


    Infinity jets
    4 pcs

    Chromotherapy LED lighting

    Central underwater LED, external corner and side lighting

    Sound system

    MyMusic™ 2.1

  • Technical specification

    215 x 215 x 86.5


    Hydromassage pump1 x 3 HP single-speed (230V/50Hz)

    Circulation pump

    W-EC circulation pump (0.25 kW)

    Weight(kg) / Amount of water (l)

    391 kg / 1100 l


    3 kW

    Power requirements*
    Opt. - 1 × 25A 230V/50Hz,
    Min.*- 1 × 16A 230V/50Hz

    *In case of minimum power connection, the hot tub pump(s) and heating unit cannot be operated simultaneously.

  • Girl relieves stress and relaxing in premium hot tub with built-in aromatherapy


    Waterfall / Fountain

    New lighting waterfall (1 pc) / -

    Water disinfection
    Crystal Clean System, Ozmix™ system (Ozone + mixer)

    Water filtering

    2 MicroPlus filter cartridges


    Scandinavian (3,5 cm)

    Acrylic colors

    Sterling Silver, Tuscan Sun, Alba Pearl White, Midnight Canyon, Storm Cloud

    Cabinet colors

    Grey, Brown

    Side skirt

    LightSide™ UV-proof wood textured plastic

    Premium solutions
    Thermal cover, Decorative waterfall (illuminated), Headrest (3 pcs)

  • WOW system

    New water diverter - Wellis Optimized Waterflow. The improved electric water diverter provides 75% higher pressure with approx. 45% less energy consumption compared to our previous models’ large manual diverter.

  • Scandinavian insulation

    3.5 cm of Polyfoam boards has been installed into the spa’s holding frame gap-free, instead of fastening them to the outer casing.

  • Crystal clean system

    The new circulation jet has been designed to have 3 zones, where 2 zones are pointed downwards to stir up the sand and dirt from the bottom of the hot tub.

  • Light-zone system with 2 zones

    With the Light-zone system with 2 zones, you can individually adjust the light play of 2 predefined light therapy zones in your hot tub:

    • Zone 1: Central & Rim lighting;
    • Zone 2: Corner lighting.
  • Ozmix™ system

    20% more effective than using ozone without a mixing chamber. Compared to the disinfectant systems on the market, this system eliminates the most bacteria.

  • Infinity jet

    The infinity jet makes the massage experience even more enjoyable by massaging a larger portion of the body and doesn’t only move up and down, it draws an infinite figure eight as it turns.

  • Lightside™ spa cabinet

    The LightSide™ cabinet system appears in PeakLife spas, which includes hidden lighting under the corner elements, and an in-house developed LED strip, which runs along the side cover of the hot tub.

  • New waterfall

    The waterfall in the spa is made according to a renewed design and creates the effect of a real waterfall. Sit under the cascading water and enjoy a soothing neck and shoulder massage.

  • Renewed headrests

    The new design puts more focus on the comfort of the head and neck, is more flexible, softer, and shaped to be more ergonomic

  • Smartphone™ app with WiFi

    Control your spa from home or while you are on the road with the Wellis Smartphone™ app (available for both iPhone and Android smartphones). Set the desired temperature and other functions from your phone, before you head over to your house, so that by the time you arrive you will have a heated, ready-to-use spa!

  • MyMusic™ 2.1 (with subwoofer) sound system

    The Wellis MyMusic™ sound system features the latest, high-quality, waterproof elements. Extended Bluetooth range, stronger subwoofer (300 W), modern speaker design. Can be connected via mobile phone.

  • W-EC circulation pump

    Very low power consumption (0.25 kW/h) water circulation pump. Its low power consumption, long life, and quiet operation make it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

  • SmartTouch control panel

    Full featured keypad with color capacitive touch screen display. The touch screen keypad is fun to use, simple to learn and features an intuitive and engaging one level menu interface.

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