Wireless speaker lamps with drink cooler from KOODUU

Whether you're curling up with a good book, playing board games with family, or simply relaxing after a long day, Kooduu's lamps will create the perfect ambiance for your cozy moments.

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The Kooduu Synergy is a stylish dimmable LED lamp with 4 light levels.

It also includes a Bluetooth speaker and a bottle holder (cooler) to fill it with reusable Kooduu ice cubs.

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Lite-up Play

Nordic elegance, warm light and stream your favorite music to the built-in Bluetooth speaker: the Kooduu Lite-up Play makes it happen.

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Lite-up (light only)

The Lite-up is a unique Danish Design and portable LED lamp with 4 warm white light intensities settings.

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Glow LED candle holders

Enjoy the cozy glow of the Kooduu Shine LED Candle. It looks just like a real candle, but it's safe and doesn't have any fire risks.

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Kooduu Atmos lamp with minimalistic design illuminating a dark interior

Kooduu X Jacob Jensen Design


The Kooduu Atmos is a Bluetooth speaker, lamp, and drink holder all in one. It has a modern cylindrical shape and can accommodate 2 regular bottles of wine.

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Kooduu Sphere lamp in round design illuminating a modern dark interior

Kooduu X Jacob Jensen Design


The Kooduu Sphere is a stylish rounded Bluetooth speaker and dimmable LED light that also includes a built-in drink holder.

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A girl carries a portable Kuduu lamp with a bottle of wine in the built-in cooler to an outside party at evening
Girl setting up her Kooduu lamp with built-in Bluetooth function on the shelf
a company of two couples goes to the evening beach, carrying with them a portable lamp with a built-in wine cooler, which lights their way

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