Patio outdoor prefabricated saunas

A girl in a Wellis hot tub smiles while being refreshed by the built-in water flow

Wellis hot tubs

4SPA offers the best home spa products, with a range of styles & models so you can find the perfect hot tub for your needs.

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Bioclimatic pergolas Wellis

Why 4SPA?

We are an exclusive partner of Wellis® products in Latvia.

Visit our showroom in Rigas VEF kvartals to see and touch the top solutions in the spa industry.

We specialize in providing highest quality equipment, professional installation, and exceptional customer support.

Our goal is to help you to create a tranquil indoor/outdoor zone where you can unwind and enjoy unforgettable moments.

Saunum - heaters with climate controle

A girl in a sauna relaxes near the innovative Saunum heater, which mixes layers of hot and cold air for soft and easy breathing

Unique sauna heaters with air-mixing system from SAUNUM

Patented air-blending system mixes upper and lower layers of air to make sauna experience more comfortable for whole family and providing easy breathing even with hot steam.

About SAUNUM innovation

Huum electric sauna heaters

Huum wood burning sauna heaters

Tulikivi soap stone sauna heaters

You may also like new dimmable lamps with speaker

Portative Kooduu lamp, creates a romantic atmosphere for a couple standing on a pier and enjoying an evening view of the lake

Dimmable light with speaker from Kooduu

Whether you're hosting a backyard gathering or relaxing in your living room, Kooduu's dimmable lights will elevate your atmosphere with their harmonious blend of light and music.

Choose your own Kooduu lamp

IBAAT - cold waterfall shower barrels

Experience the ultimate and long lasting cold water dousing with the IBAAT Contrast Shower Buckets – an ideal option after sauna or as a self-sufficient device for contrast procedures.

Thanks to the large water capacity, this bucket cold shower can be a smart alternative to an ice bath or cold plunge pool. At the same time, it is much more compact and will ideally fit into a standard room or cabin in your apartment or public spa.

The innovative design ensures that water is precisely targeted, eliminating messy spills and providing you with an invigorating experience.

With the integrated lever, you have full control over the contrast showering, allowing you to stop the flow at any moment.

Kirami - compact cold and hot tubs

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