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Sauna electric heater Tulikivi Tuisku XL

Sauna electric heater Tulikivi Tuisku XL

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  • The warranty period is two (2) years.


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  • delivery from producer's stock: 1 - 3 weeks.

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Natural, Eco-Friendly, and Durable Material:
Soapstone, a naturally occurring stone known as talc chlorite, is renowned for its exceptional heat-retaining properties. This remarkable material can endure extreme temperatures of up to 1600°C (2912°F), demonstrating its remarkable resistance to cracking or warping.

High Heat Capacity for Efficient Heating:
This unique property not only enhances the stove's practical value but also contributes to a more comfortable, healthier, and enjoyable living environment.

Special Infrared Radiation for Comfort and Health:
Soapstone stoves emit infrared radiation with a wavelength of 8-9 microns. This type of radiation is similar to the heat emitted by the human body, providing a gentle and comforting warmth.

Safety for Children:
It eliminates the risk of accidental burns, especially for young children or individuals with limited mobility.

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  • Product specifications:

    • Volume of sauna: 12 - 20m³
    • Power: 13.6/18/21kW
    • Weight of stones: 120kg
    • Weight: 300kg
    • Fuse: 2x3x16A
    • Supply voltage: 400V
    • Power cable: 2x5x2.5mm²
    • KNX-compatible
  • Dimensions:

    • Height: 950mm
    • Depth: 430mm
    • Width: 766mm
    • Safe distance: to ceiling - 950mm, to side wall 20mm, front and to feet bench - 50mm
  • The kit includes:

    • Electric sauna heater

    Not included:

    Control panel, stones for the electric heater, heat-resistant power cable

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