• Saunum Base

    Saunum Base Solution is an indoor climate device for saunas that equalizes the room temperature. The device is perfect for those who want to experience a better sauna.

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Saunum Base: WALL-MOUNTED climate control system White

Saunum Base: WALL-MOUNTED climate control system White

*** Delivery of this color variant may take up to 6 months ***

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  • The warranty period for the device when used in a private sauna is two (2) years.
  • The warranty period for the device when used in a public sauna is one (1) year.


Orders are processed on working days from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Delivery methods and times from order confirmation:

  • pick-up:
    - from our office in Riga: same/next day by prior arrangement;  tel.+37129366743;
    (address of our office - Ūnijas iela 8 K-6, Rīga, LV-1084);
    - from the warehouse in Riga: next day by prior arrangement;
    (address of warehouse - Krustpils iela, Rīga).
  • delivery from stock in Riga: 1 - 7 days;
  • delivery from producers stock:
    for products: 1 - 3 weeks;
  • OMNIVA with weight and size restrictions to all Baltic countries.

The above information is mostly about delivery in Latvia. If you want to receive products in other Baltic countries, please contact us at info@4spa.lv
 or +37129366743.

Saunum Base WALL-MOUNTED air-blending system is easy to install and provides a more even temperature in the room, as well as a softer, airier steam.

This device mixes hot air from upper layers with cool air from lower layers, creating a cooled air-steam mixture that spreads a more even temperature throughout the room.

The climate device suitable for any sauna. Send us a picture or sauna plan and we will recommend the optimal installation locatio

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  • Built-in manual switcher on the body

    Supplied by default in Saunum Base devices and supports 3-speed switching inside the sauna.

  • Saunum LEIL / LEIL Plus

    Full-functional touch control panel with the ability to connect stoves from other manufacturers together with the Saunum Base devices.
    Purchased separately.

  • 3-position touch switcher

    Touch switcher which controls air-mixing speeds. For installation outside the sauna.
    Purchased separately.

  • Variants of sizes:

    • standart height with a top cap
    • short height with a top cap - 1890x440x226mm
    • standart height without a top cap - 2043x440x226mm
    • short height without a top cap - 1780x440x226mm
  • Product specifications:

    • Number of air flow speeds: 3
    • Fuse type: B, 2A
    • Connecting cable: 3x0.5 mm2
    • Supply voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz
    • Power: 60W
    • Weight: 31 kg
  • The kit includes:

    • Climate control deviсe
    • Himalayan salt balls 7 pcs

    The upper ventilation grill can be purchased separately (Optional).

    Not included: heating elements, power cable suitable for the environment.

Short infographic about climate control innovation from Saunum:

  • about the physical processes in our saunas
  • why many people find it difficult to take a sauna?
  • how to make a sauna enjoyable for the whole family and even for children?

Typical problems of regular saunas - uneven heating of the sauna, where the temperature ranges from 30-40C above the floor to 90-120C under the ceiling, which causes:

  • skin-burning steam effect and intense heat
  • feeling of lack of oxygen at head level
  • headache and fatigue
  • cold feet in the sauna - surprising, but for many it is so

Saunums heaters with air blending system mix layers of upper and lower air, equalizing temperature and humidity throughout the sauna:

  • A healthy environment is created, equally comfortable for the whole family or company
  • Breathe easier due to the even distribution of oxygen throughout the sauna
  • The best healing effect - uniform opening of pores throughout the skin enhances healthy perspiration, metabolism is accelerated

Himalayan salt ions - salt sauna climate:

  • Salt ions have a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tract, and also penetrate deeply into the lower respiratory tract into the alveoli of the lungs - this is the famous healing effect of salt caves
  • Salt ions also purify the air, reduce physical discomfort, have a beneficial effect on the skin and promote good sound sleep

/The SAUNUM method of saturating the sauna air with salt ions has been granted a patent/

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