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Thermo Cover for premium hot tubs

Thermo Cover for premium hot tubs


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Orders are processed on working days from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Order fulfillment 1 - 3 weeks.

Pick-up the order at the warehouse in Riga, Krustpils street 6.

Delivery of the order to the customer's address for an additional fee - coordinate with us at or +37129366743.

The high-quality Thermo covers for Wellis hot tubs models will help you to save heat and reduce energy expenses for your spa.

Suitable for the following models:

MyLine collection:

  • Pluto
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Kilimanjaro Standard
CityLine collection:
  • Malaga Standard / Malaga 2018
  • Palermo Standard / Palermo 2018

PeakLine collection

  • Kilimanjaro
  • Elbrus 230
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