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ICELAND cold tub

ICELAND cold tub

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Acrylic color
Cabinet color

Places: 1 sitting / reclining place

Size220 x 109 x 76 cm

Discover the advantages of Cold Water Immersion (CWI) using the Wellis Iceland Cold Plunge Tub.

CWI has a comprehensive effect on the body, increasing your productivity and concentration, immunity and endorphin levels. Beneficial for athletes and people with joint problems and muscle pain by reducing inflammation.

This tub allows you to cool the water down to 2°C or heat it up to 40°C.

The installation process is effortless as it is a Plug and Play tub - simply place, fill, and set the temperature for a refreshing Cold Water Immersion experience with Wellis Iceland.

10 years warranty on the shell structure

3 years warranty on the engineering parts

Full support from 4SPA: showroom in Riga, delivery, installation and launch of your fun


Order fulfillment:

  • from stock: 2 - 14 business days;
  • if not in stock: 1 - 3 months.

Ask your question:
Phone: +37129366743

Contact us if you want to buy outside of Latvia.

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Enjoy health benefits of cold immersion with Wellis Iceland

  • Comfort and Functionality

    Reclining / Sitting places

    1 sitting / reclining place


    1 pc

    Control panel

    Digital display

    Color-therapy lighting

    Central LED lighting,
    Corner lighting

    Wireless control

    Smartphone™ app with WiFi

    Easy connection

    Plug & Play

  • Technical specification


    220 x 109 x 76 cm


    Circulation pump
    Energy-saving W-EC circulation pump (0.25 kW)

    Weight (kg) / Amount of water (l)

    200kg / 530 l

    Cooling unit

    20CR3-SB cool/heat pump

    Power requirements
    1 x 10A 230V/50Hz +Plag & Play EU

  • Features

    Water disinfection

    Crystal Clean System,
    Ozmix™ system

    Water filtering

    1 pc Superfine filter cartridge


    LIFE Scandinavian insulation system

    Acrylic colors

    Ice White

    Cabinet colors


    Premium solutions
    Thermo cover

  • Boost Energy and Alertness

    Body Stimulation:

    The sudden temperature drop activates your body

    Metabolism Boost:

    This activation speeds up your metabolism, enhancing energy

    Endorphin Release:

    Cold water triggers endorphins, natural mood lifters

    Enhanced Focus:

    You feel energized, alert, and better able to concentrate throughout the day

  • Reduces Stress, Inflammation and Pain

    Hormonal Adjustment:

    Cold water decreases the production of stress hormones

    Long-term Benefits:

    Achieving a calmer and more relaxed mental state.

    Ideal for Chronic Conditions:

    Beneficial for those with arthritis, muscle soreness, or joint pain.

    Vascular Constriction:

    Cold water immersion reduces blood flow to inflamed areas.

  • Improves immune system function

    Immune Cell Production:

    stimulates the production of white blood cells and other immune cells

    Infection Defense:

    Enhanced immune cells help the body fight off infections

    Boosted Immunity:

    Regular cold water immersion improves overall immunity and a reduces risk of illness

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